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Barn Manager's Log Book

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This log book was designed especially for barn managers to keep accurate and complete records of all horses, boarders, and equipment.

With this horse care journal, you can easily track vet, vaccinations, farrier, dental, deworming, bodywork, and more. It also includes arena and turnout schedules, feeding charts, and blanketing information for each horse.

It even has checklists for packing your horse trailer for shows and events, as well as a mileage log!

Don't head out to the barn without it!

This log book includes:

  • Barn Information
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Horse Profiles
  • Boarder Profiles
  • Feeding Charts
  • Arena Schedules
  • Turnout Schedules
  • Farrier Records
  • Vet Records
  • Vaccination Records
  • Dental Records
  • Deworming Records
  • Bodywork Records (massage, chiro, etc.)
  • Horse Trailer Packing List
  • Equipment Log