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Tanya's Tack Shack

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Sets of two matching conchos with screws.

ThunderbirdSouthwest antiqued copper/nickel plated finish 1 1/4" screw back concho with baked on aqua turquoise enamel.

Cari: 1 1/4" Antique nickel and copper plating and a turquoise oval cabochon stone.

Wildflower: Antique nickel and copper finish 1-1/4" screw back concho.

Feathers: Antique nickel and copper plating with turquoise cabochon stones screw back 1-1/4" concho.

Belle: Antique nickel and copper plating, black enamel and a turquoise cabochon 1-1/4" screw back concho

Copper: Round Feather with rope trim 1-1/2" screw back concho with antique copper plating.

Shield:  Nickel, brass and copper plated finish 1-1/4" screw back concho with a turquoise cabochon stone.

Marco: 1 1/4" Antiqued copper/nickel plated finish screw back conchos with baked on turquoise enamel.